A horse feed and suppliment manufacturer company

Keyflow (UK) Ltd was officially founded in January 2012 but the reason for starting the company was in the heart and mind of its founder for long before that. Science doesn’t stand still, every day research is being carried out and papers are being published, showing ways in which we can nurture, enhance and improve equine nutrition in order to better care for our horses. Much has been learned about the digestive processes of horses and how pre-digestive technology can maximise nutrient absorption. We continue to learn about the importance of fibre and how the hindgut must be kept healthy if you want optimum performance. We know more today than ever about the nutritional building blocks of a horse’s musculoskeletal system and if provided for optimally, how it grows stronger, healthier horses with less development issues. Keyflow stays on the leading edge of this knowledge and we apply it to every product we make.

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