A Selection Guide for Black Opal Ring

When choosing a black opal ring it is important to know the special quality that make this gemstone so desirable. Black opal are known for their dark body tone which point out the vivid play of color an effect in which the opal reflects light to display a range of colors. Black opal ring are mostly acquired from Lightning Ridge in Australia. When choosing a black opal consider the body tone which ranges from No1 jet black to No4 dark gray with darker tones generally being more valuable. The play of color is another crucial factor; look for a vivid and well-distributed color pattern that includes a variety of hues. The value of a gem is greatly influenced by its brightness and intensity of color with more vivid opals commanding higher prices. Additionally the pattern of the colors whether it is blush floral or pinfire contributes to the opals uniqueness and appeal. Examine the clarity to make sure there arent any omissions or flaws. Ultimately the rings cut and setting should highlight the opals inherent beauty while offering strength and security. You can choose a gorgeous black opal ring that blends beauty rarity and personal significance by carefully weighing these factors.