A Short Guide to Creating Riveting Opponents

Science fiction is one of the most popular and enduring genres in literature. It encompasses everything from one-of-a-kind space exploration to near-future cyber earth. Probably one of the reasons why it’s the biggest genre is that it’s the most creative, reality-bending, yet realistic among other literature. One cannot blame many for their obsession with sci-fi novels. From the depiction of brainy inventors, love interests, to Electric Indy Cars of Madhouse Projects, readers can’t seem to get enough. However, what draws readers more to science fiction are the riveting opponents.

Yes, the plot and storytelling can still grasp attention, but there’s something about antagonists that readers can’t help but love; even authors love them. Not only do the antagonists create the central conflict, they too are primary drivers of the storyline. Moreover, antagonists portray the negative effects of scientific and technological advances which sci-fi authors want to convey to the public. No one can ignore the big role a compelling villain plays in science fiction. Hence, this post will help you create the perfect and riveting opponent of all time.

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