Adding to Your Furry Family: Rescue or Breeder

Certain stigmas lie with adopting a dog or cat through a rescue or breeder. Some families tend to avoid rescues due to adopting a pet with bad habits that could interfere too heavily with their daily lives. On the flip side, adopting from a breeder runs the cost quite high and can limit what breeds are able to be your next pet addition to your family. Halo House Animal Resort provide services and amenities, which have allowed us to interact with both rescued and home-bred pets. Our recommendation is to go with a rescue and here is why.

Helping Solve a Global Issue

When you adopt a sheltered animal, you give a second chance to a pet that was dealt a rough deck of cards by its previous owner. Millions of animals get euthanized every year in shelters due to a lack of support from the pet community and inability to find homes. The reward of saving a animal's life is like no other.

Details Matter

Adopting from a shelter or rescue allows you to gain a variety of details about the pet from experienced caretakers, who spend a lot of time with the animal. Almost all shelters and rescues are up to date on current vaccines and medicines and know what kind of family would fit perfectly for the pet's habits. A breeder will usually not provide any information regarding the newborn pet, which leaves medical history in question. The price of going to a breeder is already quite high, so unwanted medical expenditures can be quite a problem if not disclosed.

The Cost of a Breeder

As touched upon previously, the costs of going to a breeder can be all over the board. Depending on the breed and blend of the pet, breeders can charge upwards of thousands of dollars for a single pet without much detail on the pet itself. The dog you thought you wanted might not be the best for you and breeders will not tell you that when their in the business to make a profit. For example, you might not realize until its too late that a young lively pet might cause a lot of chaos in your ho

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