Air New Zealand Name Change/Correction Policy

Air New Zealand allows name changes and corrections under specific conditions. Minor corrections, such as typographical errors, can typically be made for free by contacting customer service or through the "Manage Bookings" section on their website​ (Air New Zealand)​​ (Air New Zealand)​. Major changes, like a complete name change due to marriage, require documentation (e.g., marriage certificate) and may incur a fee, usually around NZD $50, depending on the fare rules​ (Air New Zealand)​. These requests must be approved by Air New Zealand and might necessitate a ticket reissue. Changes for group bookings or tickets booked via other airlines have different processes and may involve additional fees​ (Air New Zealand)​​ (Air New Zealand)​. For more information or to make a request, visit the Air New Zealand website or contact their customer service​ 1-888-406-3009(Air New Zealand)​.