All About Community Management and Building your organizations Team

Community Management plays a huge role in the social media strategy of any organization. It is somewhat identical to Social Media Management and, helps in managing the customer base as it grows, along with the organization.

The heart of community management lies in relationships and, how your company deals with online interaction with its’ community in online public spaces

You may think “community” means that the tasks are based out of a single location, but actually, your community is totally spread out all across the internet on social media sites such as : Twitter, Facebook, Quora, Instagram, Google+ and also the comments sections of relevant blog articles. Any organizations community is made up of target audience, present customers and everyone including organizations who interact with your brand online.

Organizations that don’t have a community management plan loose out on :

• Managing complaints by customers.

• Turning customers into followers.

• Network with other companies and partner with them.

• Get valuable feedback about your products / services.

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