George’s life went to hell on his seventeenth birthday when his up-till-that-very-day unknown father found them. His father destroyed the boy’s world when he told him his mother was actually a prostitute that had left him for dead years ago in a hotel room. In a rage, the man killed his mother and, to protect himself, George killed his father. Georgi Emir Angelov gave up his name and became
Pathos: Greek for ‘suffering’.
A life of hiding at sea and smuggling goods across Europe leads to a cache of stolen American machine guns and munitions. Revenge and greed takes Pathos to America and a spree of mayhem and revenge on American soil. Sheriff Kolby Mann vows to find the man that killed his Deputy and follows his trail from North Carolina to New York City. “Revenge In America” introduces a terrific new character: Pathos….a creator of havoc, murder, and deception.
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