Assamese Cuisine Traditional foods and Dishes of Assam are traditionally passes from generations t

Ghila Pitha:

A typical food prepared from Bora Chaul(Rice) by grinding it abd mixing with water and then frying in oil. Ghila Pitha is so called because of its knee-cap sized shapes.Knee cap called Ghila in Assamese.

Till Pitha:
The most special one made from bora rice a special kind of glutinous rice,or xaali saul,or dried rice called Till pitha which is made with sesame seeds with grinded rice flour.It is famous all over assam.
Tekeli Pitha:
Tekeli pitha made with sesame,mixed with sugar and rice flour in a Tekeli filled with water. All these are usually made on a special festival of Assam known as Bihu which is the main festival of Assam, Assamese.