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PU wood panels replicate the look and feel of wood, offering a warm and natural aesthetic without the maintenance requirements of real wood. These panels, made from polyurethane, are lightweight,... Read More

PU wall panels with a rock effect mimic the appearance of natural rocks or stone walls. These panels are crafted from polyurethane, providing a realistic and cost-effective alternative to traditional... Read More

PU feather panels are unique decorative panels featuring a textured surface resembling feathers. These panels can add a touch of whimsy and elegance to interior spaces like bedrooms, lounges, or... Read More

PU wall panels are versatile decorative elements for interiors. Crafted from polyurethane, these panels are lightweight, durable, and available in various designs and finishes including wood, stone, and contemporary patterns. PU... Read More

PU stone wall panels are designed to replicate the appearance and texture of natural stone while offering lightweight and easy-to-install features. These panels, made from polyurethane (PU) material, are durable... Read More