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Internal Medicine Doctor in Mohali | Sohana Hospital

Looking for an internal medicine doctor in Mohali? Not able to decide whom and where to consult? Sohana hospital is the place to go for. Doctors with years of experience... Read More

Neurologist in Chandigarh | Sohana Hospital

Locating a neurologist in Chandigarh ought to be your first choice. Are you having troubles which include reminiscence loss, spinal twine troubles, or troubles associated with the mind or apprehensive... Read More

Gynecologist in Chandigarh | Soahan Hospital

Are you searching out for a Gynecologist in Chandigarh or want assistance with troubles associated with women's health? If you need a person to offer you with the quality solution,... Read More

Urologist in Chandigarh | Sohana Hospital

A urologist assists you in diagnosing the troubles associated with urology (associated with the urinary tract, kidney stones, prostate) and guides you to deal with them. Sohana Hospital has skilled... Read More

Level 3 NICU Hospitals in Chandigarh | Sohana Hospital

Are you searching out for a Level 3 NICU Hospital in Chandigarh in your new child with all centers? Sohana Hospital has one of the quality stage three NICUs for... Read More

Best Obstetrician in Chandigarh | Sohana Hospital

When facing a female reproductive health problem and pregnancy-related issues, it becomes necessary to find an Obstertrition who can provide you with further guidance to solve your problems. Sohana Hospital... Read More

Nuclear Medicine Doctor in Chandigarh | Sohana Hospital

Nuclear medicine is the branch of medicine that involves treatment and diagnosis using nuclear radiation. Sohana Hospital has experienced nuclear medicine Doctors along with all the modern medical equipment involving... Read More

Child Specialist Hospital In Mohali

Sohana Hospital is one of the best Child Specialist Hospitals In Mohali. With experienced Pediatricians and an advanced neonatal care unit, it offers the best possible treatment for your child.... Read More

Neurologist In Mohali | Sohana Hospital

Want to consult a Neurologist in Mohali? Sohana Hospital has one of the best Neurology departments in Mohali. Consisting of experienced doctors and advanced medical treatment and detection of the... Read More

Contoura Vision in Chandigarh | Sohana Hospital

Why travel miles to get the burden of glasses off your eyes when you can get Contoura Vision in Chandigarh? Intending to protect the eye-sight and give you pain-free treatment... Read More