Author: sophiathomas

Bizprac: Comprehensive Construction Management Software for Streamlined Project Success

Bizprac is a comprehensive construction management software designed to streamline various aspects of construction projects for businesses of all sizes. It offers a range of features, including project management, accounting,... Read More

Streamlining Construction Estimation: Introducing Bizprac's Digital Take-Off System

Bizprac’s Digital Take-Off system, driven by ExtrAXION, facilitates rapid and precise quantity takeoffs from blueprints, benefiting estimators and builders alike. Supporting multiple file formats, it features tools for selective measurement... Read More

Bizprac: Bizprac Premium Package

The Bizprac Premium Package is tailored for residential, light commercial, and architectural builders, offering a complete set of tools for estimating, job costing, accounting, and payroll within a single integrated... Read More

Bizprac: Bizprac Ultimate Package

The Bizprac Ultimate package is the perfect solution for high-volume residential, high-end architectural, and commercial companies that juggle multiple software solutions for quoting, accounting, employee management, tax compliance, and other... Read More

Jensi: Task and Workflow Automation

Bizprac's Single Touch Payroll (STP) module offers a robust solution tailored for the Australian building industry. Fully compliant with ATO standards, this module streamlines payroll management with a host of... Read More

Avoiding costly estimating mistakes is crucial for Australian owners to ensure projects remain on budget and on schedule. Firstly, thorough planning is essential to prevent underestimating project scope or overlooking... Read More