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MSC Animation university Noida

The MSc Animation program at MUIT University offers an MSc Animation program structured to provide theoretical and practical knowledge in animation. They do this by specializing in various animation tools... Read More

master of science course noida

The Master of Science (MSc) program at MUIT University provides a rigorous and immersive education in science and technology. With a strong focus on research and practical experience, students engage... Read More

Bachelor of science degree course At Maharishi University Noida

An undergraduate program leading to a Bachelor of Science Course lasts three to four years and is intended to provide students with a comprehensive education in a range of scientific... Read More

Bachelor of science (BSC) Maharishi Ayurveda Diet and Nutrition course

The BSc Maharishi Ayurveda Diet and Nutrition course provides an in-depth understanding of Ayurveda diet principles and their application to modern nutrition. Students will explore the holistic approach of Ayurveda,... Read More

B Pharma Course details at Maharishi University Noida

The Bachelor of Pharmacy University of Information Technology (MUIT) provides a robust education in pharmaceutical sciences, focusing on the development, formulation, and quality control of pharmaceutical products. The curriculum integrates... Read More

BA Hons Degree at Maharishi University Noida

Get started in your career with Maharishi University's Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree programs, which emphasize subjects like English, Political Science, History, Philosophy, Economics, Psychology,... Read More

Diploma of Electronic and communication | Maharishi University Noida

MUIT University's Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering prepares students with a strong foundation in electronics theory and hands-on practical skills. The program emphasizes cutting-edge technologies such as microprocessors and... Read More

Fundamental of 3D Animation with certification Course

Enrol in our certification programme for 3D animation to gain proficiency in modelling, texturing, and animation. Develop your career in animation and visual effects by learning from professionals in the... Read More

Diploma Course in Electrical Engineering | Maharishi University Noida

The main goal of an Electrical Engineering Diploma is to convey information and skills about electrical technology and systems. The curriculum integrates theoretical understanding with real-world applications to cover important... Read More

Advanced Digital Marketing Course to Become an Expert Digital Marketer

Advanced Digital Marketing Course provides an immersive learning experience in contemporary online marketing practices. It covers sophisticated strategies in SEO, PPC, social media, and content marketing. The course also delves... Read More