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Avail HDFWR MDF Boards from VIR MDF

VIR HDFWR is designed for damp situations that can withstand wetness and humidity in the spaces. Our product meets the European standard requirement EN 622-1 and EN 622-5 that are... Read More

VIR MDF: Acquire Termite-Resistant MDF Board

We, VIR MDF provide an assortment of termite-resistant MDF boards that protects your furnishings from termites. Our product gives a protection layer to the furniture by also resisting humidity. Termite-resistant... Read More

VIR MDF delivers outstanding machinability, screw-holding strength, and a smooth texture melamine MDF board. Our products can be used in a variety of settings, including office furniture, retail locations, kitchens,... Read More

Get High-quality Laminated MDF Boards from us

We offer a varied choice of laminated MDF boards that are made to give your home or workspaces an appealing environment. Our product has a natural lookalike wood texture that... Read More

Exploring the World of Pre-Laminated MDF with Vir-MDF

VIR MDF's Pre-Laminated MDF boards are an extremely versatile, cost-effective, and stylish choice for the interior design of residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. The wide range of textures, from wood... Read More

Transform Your Home with High-Density Fiber Water Resistant Boards

Dive into high-quality construction materials with VIR MDF's HDFWR boards! Our High-Density Fiber Water Resistant boards are engineered to withstand moisture and provide exceptional durability for a wide range of... Read More

Purchase Exterior Grade Mdf Board from VIR MDF

VIR MDF, a flagship company from Rushil Décor, offers exterior grade MDF boards that have higher density and durability than other MDF boards. The product is created for outdoor applications... Read More

Avail Interior Grade MDF Board from VIR MDF

We, VIR MDF deliver excellent quality, cost-efficient, and long-lasting interior grade MDF boards that are immaculate for an extensive range of applications. Our product is tough, durable, and environmentally friendly... Read More

Buy MDF Boards from the VIR MDF

We, VIR MDF are the best MDF board manufacturers in India. Our standard MDF product is perfectly suitable for interior applications in home and office spaces. We assure you about... Read More

The new age product in the market: VIR MDF

We, VIR MDF, are an Indian manufacturer of MDF sheets. We offer the best alternative product to plywood and solid wood. We deliver a wide range of MDF boards such... Read More