AWS Course in Electronic City Bangalore

Best AWS Training Institute in Electronic City – eMexo Technologies

Cloud Capability Building Program was started at eMexo Technologies in early 2017 when the IT industry was just stepping into cloud adoption. We realized the potentials and future needs of this skill set well in time and had started a very thoughtful Amazon Web Service – AWS training in Electronic City, Bangalore. Today, this skill set is a kind of mandatory to have in almost all job openings irrespective of domain, functional area, industry type, and innovations. AWS Curriculum at eMexo Technologies Tech is curated by highly experienced industry experts depending on the market requirements. AWS holds 70% of the apportionment of the global cloud computing market. Some of the prominent organizations, such as Netflix, Kelloggs, Adobe, Airbnb, etc. use AWS as their backbone. AWS being the prime player in the cloud services industry, every company has commenced adopting the same, irrespective of the size of the organization.

Learn from Experts

eMexo Technologies designed the AWS training program in a very unique and promising way to meet the end goal of the audience. Be it for role change, domain change, better compensation, better organizations, international opportunities, or self-skill development, the program helps meet the purpose with varieties of use case-driven sessions. Our trainer, working on multiple complex real-time projects, brings in various project-based use cases at AWS classes in Electronic City, Bangalore and we can learn AWS services by implementing those use cases live. Overall the experience you get is equivalent to real-time project experience. Moreover, it gets powered by automating done using CLI, Cloud formation, and Boto3 Scripts. In the end, you would realize the certifications become just a matter of practicing a few sample questions and revising classroom session notes. Knowledge at eMexo Technologies is imparted by the industry practitioners who train you to leverage AW

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