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Bats Besiege Egyptian Village Causing Coronavirus Panic

Bats Besiege Egyptian Village Causing Coronavirus Panic

Submitted by • April 19, 2020

CAIRO: Egyptian villagers panicked after a huge number of bats flew over their homes, fearing they would be infected with the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).
Residents of Al-Hazaneya, which is in Qalioubiya governorate close to Cairo, called on officials to take action when they saw the bats in flight.
It has been reported for months that the virus originated in bats and was transmitted to humans, increasing the Egyptian villagers’ worry that they might become sick because of the bats.
They filed an official complaint about an abandoned house, saying it had a large number of bats inside that attacked residents at night.
Gharib Ahmed, local council chairman of Shebin El-Qanater city where the village is located, called for calm. “The local unit succeeded in killing a number of bats by lighting fires and using pesticides in the house, but many bats escaped,” he said.

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