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Jeevana is an Ayurvedic center that can give you results for Post Covid. Post Covid Treatment in Pune is a choice you can make to get the best treatment for yourself. If you wish to understand what Post Covid Treatment all is about, come to our center. Visit one of our Post Covid Treatment centers in Pune. Our Centers: 1. Post Covid Treatment in Shivaji Nagar, 2. Post Covid Treatment in Kalyani Nagar and 3. Post Covid Treatment in Salunke Vihar

Management of
Post Covid Complications
The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the entire medical system to introduce an efficient management protocol for the proper care of affected patients.
Due to complexity in presentations, a multidisciplinary approach is definitely required for the regulation of associated complications. Depending upon the magnitude of Infection rate, Immunity, Comorbidity and old age, it triggers the severity of disease and complications. Most people with COVID-19 experience mild to moderate symptoms, while 10-15% of cases progresses to severe illness and 5% become critically ill. Recovery rate of this ailment ranges with an average of 2-6 weeks or even months after initial recovery and some patients develop medical complications that may have lasting health problems.

Post Covid Treatment in Pune