Medical Scribing (MS) is a real-time process of preparing medical documents of a patient by assisting a physician during the consultation, so that the doctor can focus more on “patient care”. Medical Scribe is an allied health paraprofessional who works as Doctor’s right-hand person by increasing the quality of patient’s care and decreasing the effort and time for documentation. A Medical Scribe holds a highly responsible role in healthcare revenue cycle management of a country by helping in the systematic updation of Electronic Health Record. The medical reports prepared by a Medical Scribe are used for insurance claims and other purposes according to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

MS can be done either virtually or physically. The post-covid era has offered a plethora of virtual MS opportunities. Virtual M S is supported by a device named “Google Specs” which helps to see what the doctor sees and in hearing the conversation between the patient and the doctor. MS is nowadays a profession that proffers the best salaries in the healthcare industry, which is up to $6000 CTC in India.

VIVACRISTO International being the best institute in India provides a specialized programme in Medical Scribing – TPMS