Body Language and its importance in Interviews!

What you say during the interviews plays an important role in finding whether you are the right candidate for the company. Similarly, body language is another such factor which helps you increase your chances of selection.

The results of a survey showed that it is easier to control what you say than what your body does. There must be a collaboration between the two so as to make sure that your ideas are conveyed effectively.

A recent study showed that 55% of the communication is based on body language, 38% is the tone of your voice and the rest 7% contributes to the actual words spoken. Although the figures might not be exact it explains the role of nonverbal communication.

Let’s consider a scenario, you came to the interviewer in a confident, optimistic manner. Although you might not possess the desired work experience your confidence will make the interviewer find that you are the most desirous candidate for the requisite position.

Now, let’s consider another case, you came to the interviewer in a stressful, upbeat, and anxious manner. Your hands are shaking, your heart is beating abruptly and you are unable to convince the interviewer.

Which of the two candidates, would you prefer? The one who is confident and optimisti

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