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Buy Original Red Coral (Moonga) Ring Online | BhagyaG. The most distinguishing characteristic of red coral is its vivid red or reddish-pink color. It grows like little trees or shrubs in shapes resembling branches. When cut and polished, the branches have a glossy, polished surface and are usually smooth and cylindrical. Like other corals, red coral is mostly made of calcium carbonate, but the carotenoid pigments that give it its vibrant hue are what give it that color. Its rich crimson colors, which are highly valued in jewelry and decorative items, are a result of these pigments.
Red coral has long been prized for its usage in decoration and jewelry. It is still used today to make necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and decorative items, and has been for thousands of years. Many cultures find its deep crimson color to be both beautiful and auspicious. Buy Original Red Coral (Moonga) Ring Online | BhagyaG.