Cairo University Faculty of Medicine

In 1908, Cairo University (CU) embarked on its journey as a private institution, eventually attaining university status in 1954. However, its medical program traces back to 1827. The Faculty of Medicine at Cairo University is closely affiliated with the esteemed Qasr El Eyni Hospital, serving as Cairo city's pivotal research and teaching hospital. Furthermore, CU Egypt holds institutional accreditation from the Ministry of Higher Education of Egypt.

Since 1898, Cairo University Egypt has been pivotal in providing education to diverse student groups, leading to the adoption of the English language in the School of Medicine, influenced by British culture. Also known as the “Kasr Alainy” School of Medicine, University of Cairo, CU Egypt's campus now hosts over 22 Institutes and Faculties, catering to a student population exceeding 150,000.

The MBBS program in Egypt spans seven years in total, incorporating two years of practical internship in hospitals. This program structure comprises five years of theoretical study followed by two years of practical training, including a one-year general internship and a one-year specialization internship.