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Can Residential Premises Be Used For Advocate’s Office?

Can Residential Premises Be Used For Advocate’s Office?

Submitted by • May 7, 2020

An advocate discharges professional services. In no way, the services of an advocate deemed to be termed as commercial since an advocate renders service charges fees. In contrast, in commercial activity, there is a practice of business, trade, or commerce.

The question whether an advocates office requires registration under the Shops and Establishments Act has been dealt by the Supreme Court in the case of Sasidharan v Peter and Karunakar (AIR 1984 SC 1700) where the Court held that a lawyers office is not a commercial establishment, hence it need not be registered under the above act. An advocate’s office is not a business building. The Supreme Court held that it does not require any strong argument to justify the conclusion that the office of a lawyer or a firm of lawyers is not a ‘shop’.

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