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We've been polishing, cleaning and sealing marble and stone from Brisbane to Byron Bay for more than 35 years. At Pride Stone Cleaning our marble and stone cleaning services will... Read More

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Work-tops is offering a Special Labour Day offer. You can receive half-priced stone materials on your purchase. We offer a wide range of stones for you to use as part of... Read More

Quartz is a manufactured stone. It is basically hard crystalline mineral composed of Silicon and Oxygen atoms. It is the most abundant mineral found on the Earth’s surface. The unique... Read More

This stone has a visible crystal structure and, is ideally polished to a high gloss finish. If you swear to maintain it properly, it is resistant to staining, etching, fading... Read More

It is one of the changes we witness that stones are, in some cases replacing/substituting wood; even when not a complete change, occasionally we go with depending on special needs... Read More

Paradiso Bash is a blue granite with veins of black and grey throughout its surface. The blue granite quarried from India. The elegant looking granite can be complemented with grey... Read More

Hardscaping Coffee Brown granite is an Indian Brown one. You have varying thicknesses: 20- 25 mm, 10- 15 mm, 15- 20 mm. The polished finish of Coffee Brown Granite is a... Read More

A bit ahead in the lists of White granite. These predominantly white slabs have brilliant white bedrock. The White interiors with long, thin mineral vein Bianco Romano never get dark... Read More

Take a small stroll to a beach or download some image on your gadget with the sense of Cream and White waves intertwining is a sudden or momentary art... Read More

Granites are natural stone which adds charm and elegance to any living space. Granites are formed by the slow crystallization of magma underneath the earth’s surface. It is composed mainly... Read More