Check Wheels& Bearings- Van Weigh

Caravan Wheels and Bearings Inspection:

The wheels and bearings of your caravan are often the most neglected part, so it's important to conduct regular checks. Here are the items you should inspect:

Greasing the Bearings:
Check when the bearings were last greased. It is advisable to re-grease the bearings before a major trip or at least once a year.

Spare Bearings and Grease:
As a precautionary measure, it's a good policy to carry a spare set of bearings and grease with you.

Re-checking the Bearings:
Every time you stop, place your hand on the bearing cap and check for heat. It's normal for them to be warm but not hot. If they feel excessively hot, it indicates that they may be over-tightened. In such cases, consider backing off the castle nut by one notch.

Bearing Inspection:
To inspect the bearings, jack up the van so that the wheel is off the ground. Spin the wheel and listen for any grinding sounds, which could indicate potential bearing wear. Additionally, check if the wheel turns freely. If it doesn't, it may suggest that the bearings are over-tightened, leading to overheating. In such cases, back off the castle nut by one notch and recheck.

Checking for Bearing Looseness:
Place your hand on the top and bottom of the wheel and rock it. If there is any movement detected, it indicates that the bearings are too loose. In such cases, tighten the castle nut by one notch and test again.

Wheel Nut Inspection:
Ensure that the wheel nuts are tightened properly. Using a torque wrench is the recommended method to tighten them to the specified torque. Over-tightening can result in stripped threads, while under-tightening can lead to the nuts coming loose, which can have catastrophic consequences. Remember to recheck your wheel nuts after the first hour of travel, as the wheels may need to be retightened during the bedding-in process.