Do I Have To Pay For Child Support Even When Unemployed?

This is a fairly common question among non-custodial parents who are going through tough times & are worried about losing their job or have already lost it. If you are compelled to pay child support, your unemployment will not invalidate the order, and you will still be expected to make full payments. But it doesn't mean you can't do anything to lower your payments until you find work.
Many unemployed parents feel left out in the rain, but if you play by the rules and act accordingly, you should be okay. The first & essential thing you need to do upon losing your job is to inform the court that you have lost your job & are unemployed. Do not ignore this important step and make your own arrangements with the custodial parent.
Things may seem fine now, but the custodial parent is still entitled to file with the court that you have stopped making payments or that you are not paying the full amount owed. Even if you think it's more of a hassle to go through the courts, it's usually just the opposite if you do things the right way and inform the court.
Once you do this, you may be provided a modified custody order as you continue to search for work. Once you find work, you may be responsible for making up payments not made during your period of unemployment. The family law court always acts in the best interests of the child and works to ensure that the child is well provided for to the fullest extent possible.
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