DSOLUTIONS: Your Premier Destination for Triax Products in the UAE

Triax: A Global Leader in ELV Solutions
Triax, renowned worldwide for its cutting-edge technology and reliability, finds a robust partner in DSOLUTIONS. As the official Triax Factory Outlet in the UAE, DSOLUTIONS offers a comprehensive range of Triax products that cater to diverse industry needs. From advanced satellite and terrestrial solutions to sophisticated audiovisual systems, Triax products are designed to enhance communication, entertainment, and security across various sectors.
Triax Distributors in the Middle East
DSOLUTIONS plays a pivotal role as the primary distributor of Triax products throughout the Middle East region. This strategic partnership ensures that businesses and organizations across sectors such as hospitality, healthcare, education, and corporate environments have access to Triax’s innovative solutions tailored to meet their specific requirements.
Triax Dubai: Setting Standards in Technology Integration
Located at the heart of technological innovation in Dubai, Triax Dubai, through DSOLUTIONS, brings forth a blend of Danish engineering excellence and Middle Eastern market understanding. This synergy allows DSOLUTIONS to provide unparalleled service and support, ensuring seamless integration of Triax products into local infrastructures.
Comprehensive Range of Triax Products
At DSOLUTIONS, customers can explore a diverse portfolio of Triax products, including:
• Satellite and Terrestrial Solutions: Delivering high-definition TV reception and distribution systems that ensure clarity and reliability in entertainment and communication.
• Audiovisual Systems: Offering advanced solutions for conference rooms, lecture halls, and public spaces, enhancing communication and collaboration capabilities.
• Triax IPTV Headends: Providing robust IPTV solutions that enable efficient distribution of multimedia content over IP networks, ideal for hospitality and corporate environments.
• Triax Multiswitch Systems