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Education Is The Key Of Success

Education Is The Key Of Success

Submitted by • February 24, 2020

Education is the leading cause of people's problems in our society that is why illiteracy in our society is increasing day by day lack of education is due to the fact that people in our society are not aware of the value of education.

Due to which people are unable to get their children educated one of the reason is that people have do not decent jobs. And their thinking is obviously right because expenses are very high in our society, they think nothing wrong with inflation is such a person get their food or get education.

“A person without education is like a building without a foundation”
Our government is not doing anything for that and we, the people, are just waiting for the government to do something and this is our vault that we are just waiting for change in society Make a difference for yourself not to change, and make human beings understand their human rights. And these are the two things that can make one society better and one person personally successful.

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