Eli Dangerfield Review: What’s His $997 Course?

While on holiday in Australia this year our Instagram feed was blown up by Eli Dangerfield who uses fast cars and luxury apartments to show you how much money he's making from eCommerce. Most of these ads have a 'DM eCom' if you're interested to learn more.
So what happens when you actually DM him to learn more? And what do you actually get from Eli Dangerfield and his associates? What's he selling and is it worth the money or is it a scam?
His course is called Six Figure Brand Accelerator, and it claims to be a mentor ship on how to start a successful eCommerce business.
However judging by the numerous reviews out there, it's a training course with some power point slides and a step by step setup manual. You can get similar information for free on YouTube.

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