Ferdinand Marcos Almost Caused Bloodshed in Edsa Revolution

The notion that history is written by the victors is both lazy and stupid. As a friend once said, such phrase was the favorite of people with too much philosophy, have no history study background, or just plain sloppy in research works. History is written by the historians, not the victors, through careful studies, research, record keepings, explorations and investigations. After all, the Battle of Thermopylae, Custer’s Last Stand, The Fall of the Roman Empire, the outcome of the Crusades, plus much more won’t be told to the public if there is a truth to that popular phrase. We could say then that history has nothing to do with one’s opinions or gossips, or even hearsays that one picked up in pubs. History is sweet science.

And going back to that phrase of history being wrote by the victors, that colorful play of words is now being used as a tool of misinformation. According to its proponents, no one will care about mainstream history we have today, if there are untold truths being suppressed by the victors. There are truths that could change the world if being told by the side of the losing team. Indeed, it reeks of pure ignorance, but somehow people actually believed that. And once, in a country in Southeast Asia, a peaceful revolution occurred that amazed the world. A dictator fell through peaceful means. But some jokers out there are twisting the truth by presenting their own fabricated version of so-called history. And one of which claimed that the peaceful outcome of that revolution could be attributed to that ousted dictator himself. Whereas propagandists presented him as a victimized martyr who refused to do harm to his fellow men.

Marcos Refusal to Retaliate?
Exiled Ferdinand Marcos with Imelda in Hawaii.

We could say that the peaceful EDSA People Power Revolution wasn’t just a victory for the Philippines, but for the whole humanity as well. President Ferdinand Marcos 20-year reign was marred with corruption, violence, electoral fraud and abuses, and the