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In India, several online course providers stand out for their comprehensive offerings and quality of education. Here are some of the top online course providers:

Coursera: Partnering with leading universities worldwide, Coursera offers a vast range of courses across various fields. It provides certificate programs and degrees, making it suitable for both individual learners and businesses looking to upskill their employees​ (Whatfix)​.

edX: This platform collaborates with top institutions globally to offer high-quality courses. It includes MicroMasters programs and customizable learning paths, catering to both individual and corporate learning needs​ (Whatfix)​.

Udemy: Known for its extensive course library, Udemy covers a wide array of topics, from professional skills to personal development. It is particularly popular for its affordability and the diversity of subjects available​ (Sell Courses Online)​.

Skillshare: Focused on creative and entrepreneurial skills, Skillshare offers courses in areas such as design, photography, and writing. It is well-regarded for its engaging content and community-based learning approach​ (Whatfix)​.

UpGrad: An Indian platform, UpGrad specializes in providing professional courses in collaboration with universities and industry experts. It focuses on sectors like data science, technology, and management​ (Sell Courses Online)​.

Simplilearn: This provider offers professional certification courses in fields like cybersecurity, cloud computing, project management, and digital marketing. It is recognized for its practical approach and alignment with industry standards​ (Careers360)​.

Great Learning: Another prominent Indian platform, Great Learning offers courses in data science, business analytics, AI, and machine learning, among others. It collaborates with top institutions and provides hands-on learning experiences​ (Careers360)​.

For online degree programs, some of the top universities offering comprehensive online education