Overall, nothing is perfect. Even well-funded animated films have flaws of their own. And this became apparent when you are running your TV series, whereas your time and budget are limited. So don’t be surprised if we see occasional, but hilarious fails in several episodes. At least now in the age of social media, failed animations will give one extra publicity if someone turned it into memes.

As in the case of the Gundam series, we all know how it was once plagued with imperfections. But overtime, people perfected the art of delivering top notched visuals in the small screen. I mean aside from mechas, modern Gundam series boast some of the best character designs. Well, the characters of the Gundam universe were always well-drawn from the beginning, and modern animation techniques, tools and technology just made them even better. They are detailed, proportioned or simply nice looking. Some even appeared to have a shojo vibe.

But again, nothing is perfect, and fans were quick to notice how something is not right about the characters designs of SEED. They are not exactly ugly, but as a meme pointed out, well they look like recycles of each other.

The SEED Designs
The characters of SEED.

To begin with, the man behind the character renderings of the SEED series is Hisashi Hirai, known for his other works like the Fafner in Azure series, and Majestic Prince (which explains why an Athrun Zala look-alike was there). As what my friends noted, Hirai’s signature approach gave the SEED characters a distinct appearance. I mean the Universal Century style of animation has more realistic renderings when it comes to their characters. They got smaller eyes, more natural proportions and non-spiky hairstyles (most of the time). And as the Gundam World departed from the Universal Century, the characters got less formal, and wilder like what Gundam G showed us. Nevertheless, it still kept some of the UC style aesthetics, as what we see in the Wing and X. Turn A on the other hand g