Halloween Special: SecOps Role in Preventing Trick or Treat Threats

Share threat intelligence data with industry peers, suppliers or a global circle of Service Now customers with Trusted Security Circles. SecOps Roles and Responsibilities for your SecOps team – oversee any compliance needs; ensure security strategy covers prevention along with detection and response.

The spookiest time of the year has come, and across the globe, everyone’s planning their Halloween exploits once again. And like we all know, if you get a knock on the door on 31st October, you’d better have some treats ready for whatever ghouls and monsters are waiting on the other side! Recalling about trick-or-treating got us thinking about cyber security, which, similar to Halloween, requires constant vigilance to keep the cyber ghouls and monsters away. For every cyber trick, businesses and security experts need a cyber treat to avoid the pain and disruption that attacks might cause.

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