We supply and manufacture Heavy Duty LDPE Label. Our Heavy Duty LDPE Label is also available various beautiful colors, attractive designs & printing. We manufacture LDPE labels with various beautiful colors, attractive designs & printing, which give an eye-catching effect on the product, which indirectly helps to increase the brand value & at the same time, increase the conversion value of the product for brand owners. We have various options for Shrink Labels like PVC, PET & OPS. When you want to highlight your brand on any of your products from up to down or from all sides, then shrink sleeve labels will give your 360-degree effect. This shrink sleeve printed label is more famous for bottles & cans. Compared to regular labels, applying shrink sleeves involves shrinking the film sleeve with heat and applying it to the product, and it will give you the same shape as your product design. Are you looking for a Heavy Duty LDPE Label Exporter in India ? Look no further! Contact Mahira Polyglobal now get in touch with us: at +91- 9081802800, email: info@mahirapolyglobal.com