Here’s What To Do When Your Salary Is Not Paid On Time?

Here’s what you should do when your salary is not paid on time
1. Wait till the grace period
That’s right you have to wait all along for the grace period to end which would be the 7th of the month. Any actions taken before the grace period would be stupidity.

2. Talk to the employer they might have reasons
It’s obvious there can be a reason for the late payment of the salary. You should consider talking first to the employer before taking any strict action.

3. Charge interest on the late salary
According to the High Court, it states that employer should pay the interest if the salary is not paid on time.

4. Take the matter to the department of labour
After waiting for the grace period and talking to the employer still you are not getting your salary you must take a step ahead to the department of labour and claim your case there. You should put the complaint within the 12 months of the issue arose.

5. CCMA or bargaining council
If you have tried all the procedure and still unhappy you should claim your matter to the bargaining council for unfair labour practice and it should be filed within 90 days and you should be an employee within the company.

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