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How Much Do You Know About 2D And 3D Animation?

How Much Do You Know About 2D And 3D Animation?

Submitted by • March 7, 2020

We often come across the terminology known as 2D and 3D. The world around us is made up of different shapes and figures which consist of a certain length and breadth. But when a third element known as height is included, it turns into a 3D figure from a 2D one. In the domain of animation, it is broadly divided into 2D (two-dimensional) animation and 3D (three-dimensional) animation. Let's dig deeper and get to know the core difference between a 2D and 3D Animation. So let's get started.
What is Animation?
The animation is a digital combination of art and science. With the advent of technology, the animation is digitized in so many forms imaginable. It is basically a phenomenon of developing motion and shape-changing illusions via the rapid display of a sequence of static pictures that differ from each other by minimal details. So when did the animation start and how? Let's have a look.

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