How to Get a Flight Itinerary for Visa processing?

Of the numerous documents required to process a Schengen Visa, a Canadian Visa, an American Visa, an Australian Visa, or a visa to any other country furnishing a flight itinerary is what will get you a ticket to your dream destination – quite literally!

If you are a newbie to international travel, you might easily confuse a flight itinerary with a flight ticket. A flight itinerary is a detailed route map of your proposed travel plan to a Schengen or a non-Schengen country. It includes flight name, airport IATA codes, flight booking number(s), and date/time of departure and arrival. Remember, you cannot travel using the flight itinerary; it is only one of the documentation requirements for visa processing. That is why no prior payment is required to obtain a flight itinerary. In some cases, service providers might request for part payment of the ticket price or a service charge to cover their efforts.