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How To Use Cheap Microwave Safely?

How To Use Cheap Microwave Safely?

Submitted by • February 17, 2020

To whichever appliance you are using, everything is safe if used appropriately. With respect to a microwave, you need to take proper measures. This helps in preventing burns or injuries which may be caused due to its radiation. Inappropriate use or lack of maintenance can cause numerous problems in a cheap microwave.

In an oven microwave, the waves produced are a type of electromagnetic radiation. When the food is placed in the microwave, the waves produced in it generate water molecules during vibration. These vibrations produce heat which ultimately creates the desired cooking effect. Part of the waves which are produced inside the microwave is known as Magnetron. These waves are reflected in the microwave’s metal interior and can be conveniently passed through plastic, glass, paper and other similar materials. Waves are then absorbed by the food.

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