Interactive Water Fountain Dry Deck Fountain Floor Fountains

A dry floor fountain is different from the normal fountain that is installed on a water pond, because dry fountains are installed underground, which means that the nozzles and lights are set under the mesh cover.
When spraying water, the sprayed water column is sprayed out through the pavement holes such as the cover plate or granite, so as to achieve the effect of not occupying the leisure space and viewing the fountain.
The water pool, nozzles and lights are all hidden under the cover, and the water column is sprayed out through the small holes between the cover. The surface is clean, dry, and open when no water is sprayed.
When not spraying water, it can be used for pedestrians to walk without hindering traffic. The dry deck fountain does not occupy the leisure space but also can be used as a fountain, providing visitors with a place to play near the water. The surface is decorated with smooth and beautiful stone, laid into various patterns and shapes.
When spraying water, it is full of charm under the background of coloured lights. Dry fountains are suitable for hotels, parks, shopping malls, buildings, street view communities, and other places. With their unique mechanism and amazing visual effects, these dry floor fountains bring serenity and coolness to any setting.
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