Interesting Facts About Evolution Of Lockers

For many of us, walking through the school doors to start a new day is the first memory of lockers we have in our lives. From then on, we have had many interactions with lockers throughout our lives. Though we may not pay too much attention to them, lockers have become firmly established in our society. As society and technology have changed, so too have lockers evolved. From the earliest wooden lockers of the past through to metal and now HDPE plastic lockers and laminate lockers, lockers come in a wide range of different sizes and colours and suit a diverse range of functions.

Lockers give us a sense of security, a private space while we step into a relatively large, public expanse. Knowing that all our secrets, valuables, and belongings are locked securely behind a door gives us the peace of mind to continue our daily routines. All of this became possible with the development of lockers, and lockers have been around for millennia.

Let’s check out the history of lockers and their evolution has unfolded.