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Intermediate English as a Second Language

Intermediate English as a Second Language

Submitted by • November 19, 2020

Developing skills in a second language involves understanding how the language works and taking the time to practice using it. ESL002 encourages you to work with new grammar ideas and word choices, and practice using those topics to write about yourself and expand your writing skills.In Unit 1, you will learn how past and present tenses change the meaning of what you read and write. You’ll practice using different tenses and see how the verb "to be" can change a sentence's purpose. Unit 2 expands your ability to read actively as you ask questions while you read and predict what will happen next. In Unit 3, you will read more and recognize how adjectives are used to describe things. Unit 4 brings these skills together as you write a descriptive paragraph about something you learned in the past. By the end of ESL002, you will be able to use different tenses to describe past experiences and explain to a reader how you best learn.

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