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Is A Trade Exchange Right For You? If So, Which One?

Is A Trade Exchange Right For You? If So, Which One?

Submitted by • May 7, 2019

Years ago, I joined a trade exchange as a “pool guy”…I was working in the family business taking care of man-made lakes when a friend told me about Tradesource, a local group of business owners that trade(like barter, but better) with each other using a “trade credit” system.

I joined up, got some additional work, and had a fun time using the credit to eat out and generally “play” with this new income that I considered gravy on top of what I was already doing. The system was fun, it was easy, and generally a good tool for growing my small business.

Years past and I went through a whole other career(by today’s standards, about five years of doing something) before approaching the company with an offer to build up their network in the East Valley. I actually talked to three of the largest exchanges before making the decision to work with Tradesource, the company I had been a member of for seven years by then.

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