Is Orel State University a good option for studying MBBS in Russia?

Yes, Orel State University can be a good choice for studying MBBS in Russia. Here's a breakdown of the factors to consider:


Reputable Institution: Established in 1931, Orel State University has a long history and is considered a leading medical institute in Russia.
Top MBBS Program: The university's MBBS course is recognized for its quality and considered one of the best in Russia.
Qualified Faculty: Orel State University boasts highly qualified professors with extensive experience in the medical field.
Affordable Tuition: Compared to other countries, studying MBBS in Russia is generally affordable, and Orel State University is known for its reasonable tuition fees.
Things to Consider

Location: Orel is a city located about 325 kilometers from Moscow. If you prefer a larger city atmosphere, this may be a factor to consider.
Language: The MBBS program at Orel State University is likely taught in English, but fluency in Russian can be helpful for daily life.
Licensing Requirements: After graduating, you will need to pass qualifying exams to practice medicine in your home country.
Overall, Orel State University offers a quality MBBS program at an affordable cost. If you are looking to study medicine in Russia, it is a strong option to consider. However, be sure to weigh the factors mentioned above to make the best decision for your individual needs.