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ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System Lead Auditor Training

ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System Lead Auditor Training

Submitted by • December 18, 2019

This course is a study of the current practices and policies pertaining to the development, implementation and maintenance of environmental management systems (EMS) in an organization. ISO standards will be examined and case studies will be used to highlight the key factors involved with EMS implementation. The process of assessing environmental impacts and aspects and implementing continuous improvement measures will be addressed. Comparable health and safety management systems will be examined to reinforce management system concepts. Over 5 days, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills required to undertake and lead a successful environmental management systems lead auditor. Learn to describe the purpose of an ISO 14001:2015 EMS Lead auditor course how to satisfy third-party certification. You’ll acquire the skills to plan, conduct, report and follow-up an EMS audit that establishes conformity and enhances environmental performance.

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