KGK Group’s Unwavering Support: Navrattan Kothari

The KGK Group has risen through the ranks of gem and jewellery manufacturing for more than a century, eventually becoming one of the world’s largest corporations in the field of jewellery today. And it’s all because of Mr Navrattan Kothari, the group’s unshakeable, and unrelenting father figure.

Navrattan Kothari has managed the KGK Group with enthusiasm and vitality for more than half a century, bringing the company based in Jaipur and extending it first to India, and then to the rest of the world.

The KGK Group today has activities, trading, and manufacturing in several nations throughout the world, thanks to Navrattan Kothari’s clear leadership and vision. KGK Group today has a presence at every stage of the mining, manufacture, and distribution of gemstones and jewellery, thanks to his vision.