Kumudini Women's Medical College

Established in 1943, Kumudini Women's Medical College stands as a premier institution dedicated to women's medical education. The university plays a pivotal role in fostering medical qualifications among women, catering to their educational aspirations. Kumudini Women’s Medical College boasts a hospital building with 850 beds, providing students with invaluable practical experience.

The college campus offers all essential amenities, including an auditorium, library, dental unit, and a canteen. Additionally, it features five multi-storied hostel buildings catering to the accommodation needs of both students and teaching staff.

The MBBS degree program at Kumudini Women's Medical College is recognized by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council, ensuring the quality and validity of the education provided. Departments such as anatomy, pharmacology, physiology, biochemistry, community medicine, and toxicology conduct both theoretical and practical classes to ensure a well-rounded educational experience for students.

In addition to academic pursuits, the college encourages students to engage in extracurricular activities such as theatre and sports. These activities aim to nurture hidden talents, enhance creativity, and boost self-confidence among students, providing a holistic learning environment.