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Features Of The Dwaraka Serviced Offices App

Book Conference Rooms
Booking conference rooms in a coworking space can be challenging. Especially, when you’re looking to have a private, quiet place to meet with your team. This is because you need to get approval from the coworking staff beforehand and also make sure your meetings are not held simultaneously with another company’s. But with Dwaraka’s serviced offices app, you can reserve a conference room for your upcoming meeting. You will be able to see when the conference room is already booked and book the room and the time accordingly.
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Lodge Grievances
Here at Dwaraka, we take all and any kinds of workplace complaints and grievances seriously. With our serviced offices app, you can lodge all kinds of grievances easily and get them resolved quickly. No need to go through a variety of middlemen to get something as simple as the AC fixed, you can just file a complaint and get it fixed within the same week or even day. You can also track your complaint using the app.

We know you’re a busy person, and we’ve done our best to make sure that our serviced offices app is just as user-friendly as possible. With so many companies out there churning out apps, it can be difficult to find one that works well and has been tested thoroughly. We take pride in the fact that our app is not only user-friendly, but also reliable and polished—so you can rest assured that you’ll be able to get what you need from us without any glitches or hassles.

Leveraging Technology with the Dwaraka Serviced Offices App