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Prime Technology Corporation is located in Seoul. Prime Technology Corporation is the leading Explosive Detector Kits manufacturer in South Korea. Based on Nanotechnology-based sensors, the electronic nose (Quantum nose) has... Read More

It’s not solely that solely woman excels in delivering melodious voice however even boys groups additionally ship the greatest voice. Presently, it’s simply a few months into the current yr,... Read More

ZConveter Inc. is one of the world leaders of Offsite Backup Solutions, Cloud Backup Services, Cloud Backup Solutions companies. For more than 16 years since its establishment in 2004. ZMigration... Read More

SAMHWA CORP., a leading masterbatch manufacturer in Korea, has been providing local and world plastics industry with color concentrates, additive masterbatches and specialty compounds since 1986. Continuous investment in new... Read More

Anchorage | Anchor Technology | Ground Anchor Manufacturer Industry

SAMWOO Geotech Co., Ltd. is manufacturing various types of temporary and permanent anchor products of outstanding quality since its establishment in 1993 that satisfy clients all over the world. Leading technology... Read More

Sputter Deposition System | Thin Film Deposition Equipment System | Vacuum Deposition Equipment Syst

Selcos is based on high-vacuum thin-film process technology and nano-technology.Sputtering system for depositing industrial thin film and display. Large vacuum area distribution system, Nano-thin film coating process development services, alloy... Read More