Mansoura University Faculty of Medicine

Established in 1972, Mansoura University (MANS) stands as one of the premier public universities in Egypt. Its faculty of medicine originated as part of Cairo University in the early 1960s under the name "East Delta University." However, in 1972, it transitioned to become Mansoura University.

The Mansoura University campus in Egypt offers well-equipped laboratories and an extensive library collection. Additionally, Mansoura University provides practical training opportunities to students through its advanced clinical centers and university hospitals. Notably, the university welcomes students from more than 20 countries, fostering a diverse learning environment.

Consistently ranked among Egypt's top medical faculties, the MANS faculty of medicine introduced the Mansoura-Manchester Program for Medical Education in 2006. This program is distinguished by its alignment with the medical education curriculum at the UK's Manchester University.

The Faculty of Medicine at Mansoura University offers a six-year Medicine program (Egyptian program), while the Mansoura-Manchester Program for Medical Education spans five years. Moreover, in 2017, the Mansoura Manchester program received accreditation from the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education (NAQAAE).