MBBS at Chitwan Medical College

Established under the umbrella of Tribhuvan University, Chitwan Medical College was founded in 2006 and gained its status as a medical college in 2009. This esteemed institution operates as a private medical college and holds the distinction of being the first ISO certified medical college.

At the core of Chitwan Medical College (CMC) is a renowned tertiary care hospital, playing a pivotal role in maintaining public health in Nepal's central region. According to data from the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS), the year 2018 witnessed the enrollment of 100 students in the MBBS program, with an annual average of approximately 50 students from India choosing CMC.

CMC's academic structure encompasses four key divisions: the School of Medicine & Allied Sciences, the School of Dental Science, the School of Nursing, and the School of Public Health. Notably, the School of Medicine & Allied Sciences offers the prestigious MBBS program.

With comprehensive accreditation and recognition in place, CMC's MBBS program adheres to all criteria outlined by the Nepal Medical Council (NMC). This means graduates are eligible to pursue medical practice in India upon successfully clearing the NEXT examination. However, given its relatively recent establishment, a definitive judgment on the quality of education provided by CMC remains an evolving aspect.