Monolith B Series TSL.MON.B Sinks – The Splash Lab USA

The Monolith Type B is a modular solid surface sink in Glacier White Corian™ that was developed for use with deck-mounted fixtures. It has a 6" back deck to accommodate most commercial faucets and soap dispensers. Accommodating from one to four users, each station is separated by a ten-inch divider, that offers hygienic spacing and counter space. The single-user sink has a 12" countertop to the right of the washbasin. Ideally suited for both high-volume restrooms or restaurant installations where surface area offers both personal space, and room to place belongings while washing up. Optional pipeskirts can be specified, with two designs (squared or angled) available in stainless steel, black, or white powder coat. Optional side caps for pipeskirts can be specified where necessary.

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