Monthly vs. Yearly SIP Investing: Which is Better?

What is the appropriate investment tenure now that you are knowledgeable with SIP investing in every detail? Which SIP investment should you make: a monthly or annual one?
Despite the fact that many people are aware of monthly SIPs, less people are familiar with annual SIPs.

Assume Mr. A invests a portion of his monthly salary into the SIP before covering any other expenses. As long as his cash flow and investment frequency are equal, he needn't worry about either one. It becomes challenging when he does not have a steady stream of income since his investments will deteriorate. In these circumstances, he might want to consider a yearly SIP investment.

Basic calculations can be used before making a decision by those who are unable to decide based on what suits them and what does not. Online SIP calculators are available to assist you compare returns dependent on how often you invest (monthly vs. annually). If the NAV data for a certain investment period is available, the calculations can be made based on the mutual fund's historical NAV and produce results for any investment period.

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Which SIP Investment yields the highest returns?
There is a general consensus that SIP investments with greater discipline provide higher returns. Due to the fact that you will be investing frequently, you will be able to remain on top of market volatility. The majority of outcomes will be ideal. You will forfeit the benefits if the market increases on the day of the investment for a SIP investment with a significant lag between investment times.
On the other hand, if you invest every day, you do not need to be concerned about or keep a close eye on market activity.